Trump Spokesperson: So What. They’re Muslim. Banning Entire Religious Group

The most xenophobic comments, spreading hate of a particular group of people is racist at its roots.

How would the public react if Trump said:
- ban all Christians
- ban all Jews
- ban all Hindus
- ban all New Age thinkers
- ban all Mexicans / Latinos
- ban all Chinese
- ban all white people
- ban all dark skin people

This is a very slippery slope, and is basically going down the same rabbit hole as Nazi Germany. Incite hatred of a certain group of people based on looks, race or religion for Political gain or scape goating. It is fascism playing out in front of our eyes in American politics.

The society cannot allow this to happen, if American society does let this happen then society is complicit in repeating the hate crimes of Nazi Germany.

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