America’s Next Generation is Pretty Much Screwed – Millennials Savings Rate

Despite the propaganda mainstream media of the United States telling its citizens that the economy is okay and everything will be fine, the truth about the U.S economy is much much worse than what they are portraying.

There are over 30% of the population that is out of work and stop looking for work. To put that into numbers that is roughly 90 million people out of work. Any new jobs created are not high quality jobs , they are low pay service jobs and those are not the jobs that millennials went to expensive college / school for.

The government job figure of 7% is an all out LIE, it doesn’t count those people who have stopped looking for work. Now, if they did count those that are out of work and stopped looking for work, the real employment figure is way higher.

The stock market has been going up for the last 7 years and we have now reached the top. The markets are weakening and we will see in the next 2 years a huge decline / crash. This will freeze up credit again, companies will cut back eliminating yet more jobs and also another real estate crash will happen again. The snowball has already started rolling down from the mountain peak… it is going to gather size and strength as it barrels downward.

I know this sounds very negative, but it is the reality of things. It is not just the U.S.A, Canada and most of Europe are in the same situation.

Have a read about the savings rate of Millennials:

We are reaching a point in history, where the biggest debt bubble is about to pop, and it will make 2007-2008 look like a walk in the park.

People are getting poorer (middle class and young people) and there aren’t enough high paying jobs to help people get ahead. Millennials in particular are in trouble as they have really low savings rate and the cost of living are increasing rapidly.

Let’s look wait 1-2 years and see if my assumptions are correct.

by Das Brain

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