The Battle for Freedom or Tyranny Is Being Waged On The Blockchain – Jeff Berwick On Free Your Mind

The Central Banks that controls the printing of fiat money, will get very very desperate in 2018, and will try to hinder and slow down the adoption of crypto-currencies. Central Banks will ramp up the media to denounce crypto-currencies, because “cryptos” posed a big threat to the Central Banks corrupted system.

Citizens of the world should not trust any “crypto-currencies” issued by governments and central banks, as this means they control the “blockchain” for their version of crypto-currency, and will be able to change the code and print/create money as they please…which is what the current money system is, and creates bubbles, crisis and financial turmoil.

Citizens of the world should only trust “open-source” crypto-currencies and blockchain which the code can be verified by the development community for manipulation and fraudulent code, this ensures the integrity and controlled creation of currency as based on the “rate of creation” in the code.

Another safe haven for the coming change in money system is of course gold and silver, which has been a safe store of value for thousands of years.

by Das Brain.

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