3. Developing Micro Websites

by Das Brain

This method of making money on the internet / online is one of my favourite methods. I currently do this with about 57 micro websites, but one thing you have to remember is that the domain names that the micro websites are built on must have type-in traffic. Type-in traffic is where web users type in the domain name like “suv-wheels.com” into the web browser URL field. Type-in traffic is also called direct navigation.

I have micro websites can that made 18 cents to some micro websites making $85.00 in the last 5 months. Developing each micro website takes much less time than a full fledge web site or blog of course, and if they get substantial traffic they can make pretty good returns. Sometimes, it is better to leave a domain name parked or developed as a micro website of 1 or 2 pages. This allows visitors to click on ads (call to action), as opposed to browsing through many many pages of a fully developed website and then leaving the website.

So, how to do create a micro site you ask? Well, first of all, it’s micro so it should be in my opinion only 1 to 3 pages. Some people out there might say like 5, but I think that is too many pages. What has worked for me is 2 pages maximum. A basic mini or micro website is essentially a page with pictures related to the keywords in the domain name. For example “suv-wheels.com” you would place pictures of SUV’s and wheels. You then write a short article on SUV wheels, and then ad some Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network ads. You can also ad products for sale by affilliates. These are product links that the visitor to a page where they can purchase a product.

When a website visitor clicks on a relevant Google Adsense ad or Yahoo Publisher Network ad, they you make money. Also, if the website visitor clicks on an affilliate link and buys the product from the affilliate, you will get a commission from that sale. One big advantage of micro websites as opposed to domain name parking is that you get a bigger chunk or portion of the ad revenue. If the adsense click paid 80 cents, you are more likely to receive 40-50% of that revenue. So about 32 cents to 40 cents. Please read my article or post on Domain Name Parking to find out how domain parking services pay out. the Below is an example of one of my micro websites.

Micro Website micro sites I am sure you have come across many websites that look like the one shown above left. In many cases, it is a domain name that quite possibly gets a lot of type-in traffic. One thing to remember is that the domain name you build a micro website on must have good traffic in order for you to monetize from this method.


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