Big Brother Is Watching You – View Video Now!

Watch this “Big Brother Big Business” documentary about your privacy. This video details how everything you do in your life is being recorded without your knowledge. How increasingly Goverment and Corporations are recording your every move and everything about you. The information is used to market to you and use against you in ways you have never thought about. Also the leak of your private information is increasingly being used by criminals for identity theft. Watch this “Big Brother Big Business” one hour long documentary now, it is a very interesting and will open your eyes. Click the play button.

This video is NOT hosted on this blog. It is stream from public sources on the internet.

    Big Brother Big Business

Press PLAY below:

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One Response to “Big Brother Is Watching You – View Video Now!”

  1. [...] All the tracks contain DRM encoding so they can track everything…..hmmmmmmmm Media companies are doing a little information gathering, nothing new though as Google knows everything you do on the internet. This video from a journal I read, tells the story. Blog Archive Big Brother Is Watching You – View Video Now! Quite smart on the part of the media companies, from this type of information they will know how to better market to people. [...]