Third World America by Arianna Huffington – Audio Book Review

About a year ago, I listened in its entirety the book “Third World America” by Arianna Huffington and was amazed at how she was able to describe in details the problems the United States was facing and will face in the foreseeable future.

Basically, her book describes how American politicians abandoned American citizens for their own get rich quick (4 year election cycle) selfish agendas. Whether, it is the Replubicans or Democrats it didn’t matter both parties sold out to the corporations (oil companies, Wall Street) accepting lobbies (bribes) which enriched politcians while turning America into a facist state (collusion between government and corperations). The United States was no longer a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth” as Abraham Lincoln quoted.

She writes about the loss of manufacturing jobs, outsourcing that corporations undertook to increase corporate profits at the expense of American workers. These are American corperations with the assistance of the U.S government doing this to their own citizens.

The United States has been through similar times before in the late 1800s and 1930s with the Great Depression, however back then the middle class did not die off like it is current economic times. The level of corruption in Washington has hit rampant highs as the U.S government and Wall Street pulls off the greatest robbery in history by digging into public / citizens money to bail out the banks.

Washington also allowed U.S banks to engage in reckless lending which led up to the financial crisis. Arianna offers some possible solutions for the decline with ideas for creating jobs to rebuild national infrastructure and reforms in home and credit lending. The suggestion I like the best is to regulate Wall Street with greater scrutiny, but that suggestion from Arianna Huffington will never happen because politicians are too corrupt, while they say “We are going to draw up, tighter regulation to monitor Wall Street,” they are stuffing Wall Street bribe money into their coffers.

After listening to the audiobook, you are left with a realization that American is going to be royally screwed and is going to be heading into some extremely tough times. Personally, in America the consensus is to worship the all might “Dollar”, so with that in mind, bribes will always flow to willing politicians who do backdoor deals with corperations that want cheaper workers, corner the market or more share of the pie.

My assumption of the United States future is that things are going to get much worse because now the United States has become “A Government of the slaves, voted by rigged election systems, for the corporations and the rich and shall take over the Earth.” Abraham Lincoln would turn over in his grave, if he knew what American politicians has done to America.

I say “slaves” because the American middle class has been wiped out, and the poor is increasing dramtically creating a larger pool of people willing to accept less to work.

Anyway, I do recommend this book, if you don’t know what has happened to America and you want to get up to speed.

by Das Brain

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