Why American’s Are Feeling Squeezed Financially – Great Depression 2.0

Growing American homeless / poor
The U.S Government calls the current economic situation “The Great Recession” and they are lying, the real situation is that U.S and the world is rapidly moving into “The Great Depression 2.0″. Don’t listen to the lies of the mainstream media that is telling you how the economic situation is getting better, when behind the scenes the fundamentals are falling apart.

Jobs are being loss at a rapid pace, and unemployment is higher than ever. The ironic thing is, when American’s have no money to spend and bogged down by debt , prices for necessities have gone up. Food, gasoline (energy), health/medical and education has risen substantially at a time when the majority of American’s are in financial trouble. No wonder there are protest everywhere.

The source of the problem has always been debt, and the banks pushing out debt to people, which eventually caused the debt crisis of 2007-2008, which the world still have not recovered from just look at Greece and Italy.

At the same time the U.S Government for using debt to finance all the wars that America have been involved in totaling over 11 Trillion dollars of tax payers money. That 11 Trillion dollars could have gone to fund government programs, health care, fix infrastructure (roads, bridges) and create jobs for Americans.

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