Making Money From Old Stuff Around The House

by Das Brain

It’s March and Spring season is just around the corner. Time to do some Spring cleaning which means gather up all the old stuff accumulated over the years in the basement and in the closet and get rid of them………uhm hold on I mean try to sell them.

Over five years ago, I was looking around my room and saw a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t need anymore. Things like my old motorcycle full leather suit, helmet, another motorcycle leather jacket and some computer parts. They have been sitting around for years in my closet or around the room just taking up space and collecting dust.

One day at the office of my old job, one of my colleague said to me, “Hey you should check out eBay!
they’ve got the craziest things on there, you would not believe what people would sell and buy.” Right there and then a light bulb went of in my head, I thought I’ve got all this old stuff lying around maybe someone out there would actually want to buy it, if I list them on Ebay.

So I listed the items and sold all of them. For the motorcycle leather suit I sold, I got almost what I paid for it, for the helmet….well I made enough for a weeks gas, but one item that I never would have expected to have final bid up to six times what I paid for it was a FOX leather motorcycle jacket. Looking back I can see why on Ebay it was a hot item and it bid up to $360 USD, it had the FOX motorcycle logo on each shoulder and it was a good looking red. white and black color scheme. I had only paid $60 CAD for it from a friend a long time ago who had a light crash in the jacket, so I cleaned it up and listed as is and sold it.

After that I was hooked on eBay!
and I got rid of some computer components and other things lying around the house. Apparently, this is usually how a lot of people get started on Ebay, simply by getting rid of old stuff. I haven’t stopped since, and every Spring season I would gather up old things around the house and see what can be auctioned off on Ebay.

This season I have some exercise equipment, multi-function printer and some more computer components to auction off to make some extra money. So, if you have clutter around the house from old things I suggest you get rid of them and make some money back at the same time. Sign up for an Ebay account if you don’t already have one below.

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