New Banner and Upgraded Blog

Hi visitors,

I have recently updated to a new banner on the blog and also upgraded the blog software.

The new banner signifies a new phase in my life and as well, it is a sign of the economic times. As you can see there is a chart showing debt going down and assets increasing…as well there is pictures of silver and gold bars on the right of the banner.

Over the last 4 years I’d embarked on a huge debt reduction campaign, eliminating my bad debts like credit cards and other debts by 95%, also I have reduced spending (budgeting) and as well began to invest again. I have allocated some assets into silver and gold and also some short positions for the Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

As central banks all around the world print money out of thin air, currencies around the world, will be begin to debase (go down in value). To preserve, your wealth in this environment most individuals should have a percentage of assets in physical silver and gold (NOT recommending, please do your own research) as well as a big stash of non-perishable foods. Just in case of hyper-inflation.

People around the world should get out of personal debt now, as the most indebted individuals will be the most hurt going forward in the next decade. So, in a nut shell that is what the “new banner” represents.

The new blog software, should also speed up the website a bit as well. So, continue to visit my blog to get news and information that gives you a pulse on where the world economy is going and health of stock markets (mostly U.S and Canadian).

Take care,

Das Brain

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