Governments Are Trying to Scare People Away from Bitcoins (Mar.30.2013)

All currencies are digital now anyways. The U.S dollar is nothing more than bits of ones and zeros in a banks computers. When the U.S Federal Exchange prints money they just hit a button on a computer. The same goes for all other modern countries.

The only difference is that BitCoins are not centrally controlled by any one Government.
Everyone, involved in the BitCoin network maintains the integrity of BitCoins.

This ensures that Governments don’t screw the people (no taxes, foreign transfer limits etc.). Although, it is NOT recommended you put all your money into BitCoins it is an alternative if you need to “Get The Hell Out of Dodge” and move some cash.

Many online stores are accepting BitCoins now and the list of online stores accepting BitCoins are growing by the month. Please, do your research before any commitment to BitCoins, the more you are educated, the more you can make an education decision.

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