Crash, Correction or Pullback: What Follows a Seven Month Rally?


The last year or so the stock market up trend has been fueled by “monopoly” money, yes printed U.S dollars from the American Federal Reserve has printed 85 billion U.S dollars a month and injected it into U.S Treasury bonds and the stock market.

See weekly charts below:
You see the economy is not getting better, the U.S controlled mainstream media has been lying to the world. Sooner or later, the printing press for U.S dollar stops, the manipulated stock market will crash big time.

Also, Wall Street has been telling people to not buy gold, and while they tell you this and the price of gold goes down, they are scooping it up for their vaults. Also, central banks around the world are loading up gold and other hard assets in preparation to what is coming down the line.

Watch the video from Yahoo Finance (click link below):
Crash, Correction Coming

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