Banks Taking Your Cash to Balance Their Books – April 2013 Radio Free Canada Update

This is a great run down of how banks can get away with manipulation of trillions of dollars. It shows that governments cannot be trusted, governments will protect banks for frauds committed against citizens.

Governments will bail out banks when they screwed up, and also protect high up bank executives from going to jail. This is the two tier justice system we live in, both in Canada and else where in the world, the corrupt rich and wealthy bankers and politicians get special treatment.

This broadcast also talks about how the government can go into your bank account to steal your money, when the banks or government screws up and yes this can happen in Canada too. As you have seen on the news in Cypress, the IMF went into Cypress citizens bank accounts, after the Cypress government ask for debt help from the IMF.

That is why a decentralized crypto currency like BitCoin and LiteCoin is a better way to store wealth, as it is not controlled by banks and governments. At least it is an alternative.

There are some really good educational pieces of information in this Radio Free Canada broadcast that can help the listener.

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