Is Fed Stimulus Here to Stay? Yes, U.S Gov. Money Printing To Continue to Inflate Stock Market Bubble

The U.S economy is a drug addict that is currently addicted to “printed U.S funny money” by the U.S Federal Reserve. Ben Bernake is the drug pusher injecting printed money into the bonds and stock market creating an “illusion” that the U.S economy is in so called “recovery”, but the reality is that U.S is deteriorating.

Think about it, if the stock market rises and rises, do you feel richer if you are a normal “joe blow” who is possibly unemployed and doesn’t invest in stocks?

The normal “joe and jane” are about 80% of the U.S population. Real unemployment rate is 20% (shadow stat), and about 80% or more of the population (includes the 20% unemployed) do not invest in the stock market, so just because the stock market is rising doesn’t mean normal Americans are doing well.

For now, the bubble will continue to inflate as Ben Bernake of the Federal Reserve continue to print “U.S dollars” (funny money), but when the musical chair stops the crash is going to big really big.

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