The Secret World of GOLD – CBC Full Documentary

Paper (FIAT) money benefits governments (America), money printers (U.S Federal Reserve) and the military industrial complex (to wage war) and worst of all Banks and Wall Street.

At the end of the fiat currency cycle where the government prints too much money (16 trillion U.S dollars) and cannot repay its fake bond debts that was sold to other countries. Then the money printers (U.S.A) will manipulate the price of gold down and start accumulating gold in secrecy while telling the world that gold is “bad” . The money printers know that their ship is sinking and the game is almost over.

The U.S dollar is the worlds reserve currency and is going to collapse in the next decade, the U.S government knows this, so they are driving gold prices down to accumulate more. Other governments such as China, India Russia , South Korea and some South American countries have been buying gold in the last few years like gang buster because they know how this game will end.

Also, the U.S has been taking gold by force with the take over of the middle east. Libya under Gaddafi was among top 25 gold reserve owners. The Financial Times estimated the country to have almost 144 tons of gold worth 4,5 bn euro in March 2011. Libya war was won by CIA backed rebels…enough said, another country taken over by the U.S Empire…more gold and oil for America.

Like Libya, Syria and Egypt have had CIA agents sponsor rebels to start wars and take over those countries and loot those countries of their resources (gold and oil). Recently, the U.S has deployed large amount of troops to Syria and it is not for peace keeping…it is a secret war using American citizens tax dollars.

Do some research, the truth will scare you a bit, but at the same time there is still some time to prepare over the next 5-10 years. After watching the documentary about gold, you will realize that gold and war go hand in hand throughout history…why should this time be any different.

by Das Brain

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