Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Starts Accepting Bitcoin

The Chinese internet giant is now accepting Bitcoins for its Jiasule website acceleration service. This is a big move and endorsement for Bitcoin in China.

It would seem that while, the United States is cracking down on Bitcoin, businesses in China are more and more starting to adopt it.

Also, Chinese citizens are adopting Bitcoins at an alarming rate, with the most ever downloads of the Bitcoin client coming from the country in the last year.
Read the full article at CoinDesk

American citizens should be starting to think about where they should protect their wealth as the recent U.S Government debt problems and shutdown have shown…the United States is bankrupt.

If the U.S defaults the U.S dollar is going to be worthless, if the U.S prints more money to pay its foreign and domestic bond holders and citizens benefits , the U.S dollar will still be devalued. So, it’s bad either way.

Don’t believe the U.S government controlled financial media that tells you the U.S dollar and bonds are safe investments, putting your money there for the long term will be a bad idea.

Gold, Silver and Bitcoins is where people can store value and protect at least some (5-10%) of their wealth.

by Das Brain

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