Attack On Crypto Currencies – Market Manipulation By Banks/Governments

I think Bill Still is correct in his analysis.

This is a great example of Banks and Governments with large budgets and super computers using HFT (High Frequency Trading) to manipulate markets pushing prices up and down.

As I was checking the crypto currency market last night I noticed that pretty much all the top 10 crypto coins were being hammered down , Bitcoin was down over 30%, Litecoin was also down and Quark was down over 40% as well.

It is just amazing to see that the Banks and Governments have adapted so fast from manipulating stock markets, gold and silver futures markets to crypto currencies. Well, I guess when you have as much money as they do, they can literally build up a datacenters dedicated to manipulating markets.

I’ve been watching markets for a long time and this smells of HFT, for sure. The big Banks and Governments will use fear and human psychology to scare people away from crypto currencies, they will make it so volatile that most people (non-traders) cannot handle it. It is basically, a shake down to destroy confidence in crypto currencies.

People, must understand the Banks and Governments have too much power and literally dictated your life. Banks rob from you with bank fees, and high interest for your deposits. Banks also rob money from the taxpayer by receiving taxpayer money for bank bail-outs, when they use depositor money for risky investments and lose (this happened in 2007-2009).

Governments on the other hand print money out of thin air, creating inflation and making living expenses go up…for food, gas prices and housing. If the “zombie” population of world wants to remain asleep and work harder and harder just to get by as living expenses get more and more expensive than do nothing….otherwise if you want change, then support crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin that cannot be controlled by big Banks and Governments.

by Das Brain

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