CBC – The National – Are The Markets Rigged? YES

This CBC documentary shows that the free market pricing mechanism is broken and the markets are manipulated more than ever now.

In the last 5 years alone, it has been proven that interest rates, gold, silver and other commodities are rigged as well. The most rigged are the American stock exchanges like the DOW , S&P and Nasdaq.

American Central Bank (Federal Reserve) prints money out of thin-air and inject this into markets to inflate them, creating boom bust, which destroys American citizens life (job loss, cannot afford cost of living).

The perception of “free market” is just what Wall Street and London City want you to believe, but behind the scenes, everything is being manipulated by these billion dollar finance company’s computerized trading systems and you are paying for it everyday when you go shopping (food prices, gas prices and other products).

Goldman Sachs, as this documentary has shown manipulates markets in the physical realm, by storing commodities like aluminum to withhold supply to drive up price. Just criminal.

As well, insider trading is huge. Just watch the Raj Rajaratnam.
Go to video: Raj Rajaratnam – Biggest Insider Trading Crook Serving 14 Years – American Greed

When you invest these days, you have no idea if free market forces will determine price, but in reality the “price discovery mechanism” is broken and manipulation is rampant.

The Fascist system has taken over America and Canada, where corporations have taken over the government. These multi-billion dollar corporations are allowed to manipulate and cheat the public, and the government let them off with a “slap on the wrist”, because government officials are paid off through “back door deals” (cronyism).

by Das Brain

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