Blackberry SmartPhones Are Still The Most Secure from Hackers – U.S Gov & Military Uses Blackberry

It never surprises me how the general population can be tricked to give up their security and privacy for “trinkets”. It’s basic psychology, give a person something (shiny object) tell them that it is special, it will make you feel special, it is high-end luxury, people will like you more, you will fit in if you have this object. Then on the flipside that person believes it, it fuels their ego and will give up their security and privacy.

If you read the above, you probably know that I am talking about Apple iPhones, which are nothing but shiny object / trinkets that have been wrapped up in so much marketing to make the owners of iPhones feel lots of pride and will defend it to the death (cult like), even though iPhones are not secure, gets hacked easily and reports their private info / locations. Not to mention Apple locks you into their ecosystem that nickle and dimes the owner to death.

At the end of the day, it is a smartphone and you don’t want your smartphone to be hacked or report private information about you. Unfortunately, it requires “critical thinking” to battle good emotional marketing and I would say 80% of the people out their are just sheeps following the herd.

With the above said, when Sony was hacked and realize data was being leaked, guess what Sony top management did…yap, they reached into their desk and used their Blackberry’s so further secure communications. Governments, military and top corporations uses Blackberry phones and messaging technologies because despite all the hoopla about iPhones, Blackberry is still the most secure platform.

Please read this article for more info on Sony hack and Blackberry:

Governments, military and top corporations can’t afford to be “dazzled” by shiny object and ego fueling marketing when it comes to security and by the way… Edward Snowden doesn’t use iPhones.

by Das Brain

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