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Blackberry SmartPhones Are Still The Most Secure from Hackers – U.S Gov & Military Uses Blackberry

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

It never surprises me how the general population can be tricked to give up their security and privacy for “trinkets”. It’s basic psychology, give a person something (shiny object) tell them that it is special, it will make you feel special, it is high-end luxury, people will like you more, you will fit in if you have this object. Then on the flipside that person believes it, it fuels their ego and will give up their security and privacy.

My New BlackBerry Z10 SmartPhone Review – I Like It

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

I recently just received my new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and being a Canadian I would have to stand by and support Blackberry formerly know as Research In Motion. Research In Motion has been beaten up badly over the past 3 years…Ouch.

Although I was really disappointed with most of the previous Blackberry models like the Torch 9800 which I had for over 2 years, after spending a week with the new BlackBerry Z10, I would have to say that I am impressed by the new OS 10 and the form factor.