Bell To Stop Internet Throttling – Finally Relief For Peer-to-Peer Downloaders

Rogers Canada Internet connection throttling downloaders peer to peer bitTorrent

Finally after pressure from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Bell is going to stop traffic shaping / throttling of internet traffic of their Internet customers. They were targeting specifically peer-to-peer users like BitTorrent and other P2P services. This is a good move for Bell and I think they will gain lots of customer from Rogers Internet.

Unfortunately, I am with Rogers Canada and they still throttle their peer-to-peer downloaders. I am seriously thinking of moving my internet service to Bell Internet or a smaller telco that uses Bell’s internet lines. To say the least, I hate the fact that Rogers Internet advertise you get 15 Mbps of cable internet speed and you pay for it, but they never allow you to fully utilize the speed, because they traffic shape and throttle your connection when you are downloading. To me that is outright lying and deceiving, when they are not giving the customer what they pay for.

So the next move is Rogers Internet, and if they do not change their policy within a few months Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed better take note, I am moving my internet connection over to Bell or a smaller internet provider that uses Bell’s lines and I am sure that will be lots of other people just like me that are going to make the switch.

by Das Brain

Original source: Bell to stop internet throttling

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