Back From Miami And Fort Lauderdale Florida – Ultra Music Festival

by Das Brain

If you were wondering why there were no post over the last 5 days it’s because I was in Miami, Florida to attend the Ultra Music Festival and to enjoy some nice weather. My wife and I attended the Ultra Music Festival and it was awesome and would recommended it to anyone who enjoys music, especially electronic music the likes of techno, house, trance and drum and bass. Here’s my little review of the Ultra Music Festival Miami, Florida.

Ultra Music Festival Tickets

The Ultra Music Festival was in Miami, Florida and the venue was the Bicentennial Park located in downtown Miami, Florida right beside the ocean. It was a 2 day event which started on Friday at 4pm until 12pm and Saturday from 11:30am until midnight.

We arrived at our hotel on the Thursday evening in Fort Lauderdale, and on Friday we drove down to Bicentennial Park to the Ultra Music Festival. The event started a 4pm, but we left early and thank goodness we did, because the traffic in Miami is horrible. From Fort Lauderdale to Miami you can either take HWY I-95 south or HWY US-1 all the way down. I recommend if you are travelling that route anytime soon to take I-95 south because HWY US-1 to Miami is terrible, there is construction pretty much all the way down. Downtown Miami, along the waterfront is also under heavy construction so be warned traffic is slow.

On the first day of the Ultra Music Festival there were tons of DJ’s and bands to see on about 9 different stages. My wife and I were mainly interested in seeing these following artist on Day 1:

Ultra Music Festival Day 1
The Cure
Brazillian Girls

DJ Tiesto
Deep Dish

The Brazillian Girls were pretty good, my wife likes that band a lot and it was great seeing them play LIVE. The 80’s band The Cure played live as well, they are one of my favourite bands and played an awesome LIVE set at the Ultra Music Festival, I really enjoyed it.

The Brazillian Girls on stage
Now as for the DJs, Deep Dish from the UK was amazing this would be my 3rd time seeing them and as always they are superb, they really get the crowd jumping and moving. As for DJ Tiesto he was pretty good, my wife and I only caught the tale end of Tiesto’s DJ set. The reason was we were enjoying ourselves too much at another stage with a DJ called Sander Kleinenberger who played a really good set. That’s the good thing about going to an event like this with hundreds of DJs, you can always find new DJs and artists that matches your taste in music. One other DJ that played an amazing set was Radio Slave check them out.

DJ Tiesto Ultra Music Festival Miami

Day 1 at the Ultra Music Festival Miami, was hampered somewhat by dark cloudy weather and heavy rain at times. Apparently, it is typical Miami or South Florida weather to rain for 30 minutes and then have bright sunshine for an hour and then rain again and sun again….well you get the picture. Fortunately for my wife and I, we looked at the forecast ahead of time before we left Canada, and brought our rain jackets, so it wasn’t that much of a inconvenience unless it continues raining non stop.

On the second day of the Ultra Music Festival event we didn’t end up going until 4pm, the event started at 11:30pm. We stayed until midnight the day before, and needed our rest. Even though we attended the event late we were still able to catch most of the DJs that we came to see on Day 2 of Ultra Music Festival listed below:

Ultra Music Festival Day 2
Fat Boy Slim
Christopher Lawrence
Ferry Corsten
Roger Sanchez
Bad Boy Bill

Christopher Lawrence, and Ferry Corsten both played great sets. Christopher Lawrence’s sometimes dark trance style has always kept me a big fan of his tracks and DJ sets. Ferry Corsten well, if you ever listened to Trance Nation CDs, then you know that his track selection and mixes are flawless, Ferry Corsten never fails to impress.

ultra music festival sander kleinenberg

On the Ultra House Stage was Bad Boy Bill, definitely one of my favourite DJs, he’s been around quite a while and his style has changed but for the better. My wife and I saw him last year October at the Myst nightclub in Pheonix, Arizona and I we agree that the tracks he now plays is less hard house, and is more like Deep Dish style which we like a lot.
Fat Boy Slim was really great. A veteran on the turn table and always a good crowd motivator he kept the masses bouncing and dancing. Fat Boy Slim performed in the Carl Cox tent, which was in my opinion a little too small to fit all the fans / attendees under.

By 7pm on the Saturday at the Ultra Music Festival it started raining really hard and non-stop for a good hour. Everyone rushed to find shelter and to put it simply there weren’t alot of tents. We were able to find shelter under a small tent and that quickly filled up with people and we were sandwiched along with everyone else under the tent. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Their were people outside still with umbrellas, and soaked through rain jackets and eventually people started leaving because the rain would not stop, while others decided to stay and dance in the rain.

My wife and I decided to leave, because the hard rain was just getting darn unbearable. It was a hard decision because we would miss watching Paul Van Dyk and Carl Cox, two of our most favourite DJs, but in the end we decided that it wouldn’t have been enjoyable given the weather. We can see them another time in another city at another venue.

UMF Bicentennial Park Miami Florida

Would I recommend the Ultra Music Festival? The answer is definitely a YES. Despite the awful weather and expensive food and drinks ($5 a water, $5 a slice of pizza) we had a wonderful time and the DJs, Artist and music made it all worth while. My advice to anyone who will be going to Ultra Music Festival in the future is to eat a big meal right before going into the event so you won’t be hungry sooner and have to buy a lot of food cause it was expensive. My other advice is to prepare for the worst weather, this mean bring an umbrella or rain jacket it will make the Ultra Music Festival event much more enjoyable if the weather turns. To get full information on the next Ultra Music Festival event go to

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