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Listen To Some Ass Shaking Electro House Music Mix By DJ Lee Tamus

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

groovy electro house music mix

If you are into dance music, and in particular like house music…check out this Electro House music mix by my friend Lee Tamus.

Groovy Electro House Music Mix Set – Have a listen…

A Good Trance Music Mix Set By DJ Lee Tamus (

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Technik Turn table CG - DJ Lee Tamus Trance music mix set 

A good friend of mine (DJ Lee Tamus) recently, just got into mixing dance music, in particular Trance which is a genre of electronic music that I thoroughly enjoy. He sent me his first mix, a 46 minute set of some trance music from a few years back until today so the songs are not that old. I listened to it, and it’s actually pretty good, a good mix of some vocal trance all the way to hard progressive trance. The mixing is O.K, but needs a little improvement. He will also be setting up a web site soon, I know his mixing (djaying) will improve by then.

Paul Van Dyk – World’s Best Trance DJ At The KoolHaus Toronto

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

by Das Brain

Paul Van Dyk World's Number 1 Trance DJ My wife just bought tickets for us to go to the KoolHaus (The Guvernment) in Toronto to see Paul Van Dyk, who is if do not know the world’s best trance DJ. The event is happening in late November and it’s going to be our first time seeing Paul Van Dyk in Toronto.

Back From Miami And Fort Lauderdale Florida – Ultra Music Festival

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

by Das Brain

If you were wondering why there were no post over the last 5 days it’s because I was in Miami, Florida to attend the Ultra Music Festival and to enjoy some nice weather. My wife and I attended the Ultra Music Festival and it was awesome and would recommended it to anyone who enjoys music, especially electronic music the likes of techno, house, trance and drum and bass. Here’s my little review of the Ultra Music Festival Miami, Florida.