Cheaper McDonald’s Menu Means Bad Economic News

Once in a while, these mainstream financial news web sites will give you a story that points at the real health of the U.S economy. Generally, 90% of the financial news is crap, meant to lie to you and tell you how great things are and why you should put more money in stocks, meanwhile the economy is in bad shape and the markets can crash at any time.

This story about McDonald’s coming up with a cheaper menu, should be taken as a warning sign. If McDonald’s a fast food chain generally aimed at lower income demographics is having trouble selling their meal combos, then something is really wrong. It means that the lower income and some middle income families are having a tough financial times, their personal finances are suffering and they can’t even afford McDonald’s.

It means that American’s are really suffering and McDonald’s has to create a menu that is even cheaper and more affordable. This is a sign, that things are a lot worse than what the U.S. government and their government controlled mainstream media is telling the citizens.

by Das Brain

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