U.S Millionaires Are Hoarding Cash – Then Who Is Driving Up Stock Markets?

If so many wealthy people are on the sidelines, concerned more about wealth preservation than taking risk to make some yield. Then the question is who is driving up the stock market?

Not the poor or middle class…the answer is that there is some major manipulation of the stock market going on by U.S government, Federal Reserve and Wall Street. Like, Charles Biderman has said many times the Federal Reserve prints “money” (increasing National Debt) and hands it off to Goldman Sachs / Wall Street to put into the stock market to drive up the market to all time highs, while the real economy (jobs, manufacturing, infrastructure) is collapsing. This act is just criminal and fraudulent and the citizens of the United States are non the wiser.. Wake up.

The high stock market indexes, is supposed to make people feel that economy is doing well and that things are getting better, while the reality is people are still suffering. Cut through the lies of the government and mainstream media.

by Das Brain

Also watch Biderman video below:

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