US. Dollar to Become Next Japanese Yen – Petro Fiat Dollar, Blame The U.S Fedral Reserve

This video is a great explanation of why oil prices have been rising since the 1970’s. 1971 was when U.S president Nixon took the United States off from the “Gold Standard” which was when the U.S dollar was pegged to gold, and since then the U.S Federal Reserve has been printing U.S dollars like it was going out of style putting America into staggering debt.

The laws of Supply and Demand states that if you have an abundant of a commodity, the price of that commodity will be low due to oversupply, and if you have a scarcity of a commodity the price of the commodity will be high.

Take the laws of supply and apply it to the U.S dollar, the more money the Federal Reserve prints the less each U.S dollar is worth, and therefore the more U.S dollar it will take to buy the same barrel of oil and that is why since the 1970’s oil prices have been going up. Soon, the U.S dollar will be worth the same as toilet paper. (Please research Weimar Republic, Germany…precursor to World War II).

The printing of U.S dollars will have another consequence as the federal debt of the United States is reaching a staggering amount of 17 Trillion dollars, which is an amount that the American government cannot repay. The consequence will be a currency collapse which in my estimation 7 years away near the year 2020, when the debt will reach around 23 Trillion U.S dollars. Heck, at the current rate Ben Bernake is printing the debt will probably overshoot 23 Trillion in 5 years….who knows.

by Das Brain

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