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The American guy Ed (older gentleman…white hair), he sounds just like an American government mouthpiece. At every opportunity Ed is denouncing BitCoin and saying that it will not work. Ed probably haven’t even tried BitCoin, he is mouthpiece for the U.S government trying to protect the worthless fiat U.S dollar. Also, Ed is also probably somehow compensated by Wall Street to bad mouth BitCoins, because BitCoins is a threat to wall street as well. A decentralized currency like BitCoin and other crypto currency will take power away from government and big banks.

The fact is BitCoin is working as a store of value and exchange, it is the fastest growing economy. The current market capitalization is $1,134,077,751 USD over 1 billion dollars and there are lots of business currently accepting BitCoin and trade has been going on for years with BitCoin all over the world. Ed, unfortunately is ill informed and have not experience using BitCoin himself, so he is coming from a place of ignorance.

I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen here in Canada and I have used BitCoins to purchase organic foods, toothpaste and coffee beans over the internet. BitCoin works…however you will hear a lot of government and big bank controlled media trying to paint BitCoin as a bad thing. Also, you won’t hear that Bitcoin is working and it is a viable form of trade because the governments and their controlled media will want to maintain their power and keep current system intact.

Ask yourself, do you trust big banks, after they collapse the world economy in 2007 and stole American taxpayer money with the multi billion dollar bail-out that the U.S government gave to the banks. The Canadian government also gave out lots of taxpayer money to the banks in 2007-2009.

We have been living in a bank controlled world for thousands of years now, do you think it is time an alternative system should be adopted. Do some research of how bankers have controlled the governments, started wars, caused economic crisis for their benefit.

Anyway, I implore you to do some research into BitCoin and other crypto currency like Litecoin…as fiat money like the U.S dollar and Euro will reach its end game within the next decade or so.

written by: Das Brain

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