Currency War/Crisis, Economic Instability Will Drive More People To BitCoin and other Crypto Currencies


The current situation around the world pertaining to the world economy is not good. Some countries around the world are at war and some are experiencing extreme economic hardship.

Countries like Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria are experiencing revolutions. The Irag, Libya and Egypt wars happened in the last few year was an America CIA sponsored revolution to get rid of Ghadafi to plant another American puppet government. Like Libya…Syria is now undergoing the same American CIA sponsored war executed under the vail of “We are bringing democracy to these parts of the world.” I know American’s do not like to hear things like this but, the reality is U.S propaganda news machine is not going to tell their citizens the truth, that clandestine/covert wars are being payed for with U.S citizens tax dollars.

On the economic instability front there was Cypress, which was a test performed by the IMF to see just how far they can go to steal money from normal citizens in a sovereign country. It is a template for something much bigger, perhaps to take citizens money from larger countries like the United States.

In the Cypress bank/government collapse, the Cypress government resorted to help from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) or the MAFIA loan sharks of the world. The IMF wanted a show of faith from Cypress and terms were that they give the IMF , 40-60% of bank deposits. This meant that the citizens of Cypress would go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with 40-60% less in their bank account, just like that life savings gone. With the Cypress ordeal, many citizens and Russians that had their money in Cypress resorted to moving their money out a.s.a.p with crypto currencies namely BitCoin.

We all know about the Greece collapse, the country is now on sale and the people their are suffering hard. I am sure that there were a lot of money moved out of Greece via BitCoins and other crypto currencies before the poop hit the fan.

Currencies that are experiencing big debasement or declines over the last few years are the EUR , GBP and YEN. Europe is in full-on depression right now, despite what the mainstream media says it is not recovering. The U.K is not doing well, Ireland just announced their banks will need another bail-out and the Bank of England also just announced that they will need to print more British Pounds. Now, comes Japan who’s Prime Minister Abe says that he will print a Trillion yen and the YEN took a nose dive. All of the above have already resulted in a currency war…a race to the bottom.

The worst offender of all is the United States which is now the “biggest debtor nation in the world’s history” according to Jim Rogers. A country that have printed well over 30 Trillion dollars since the 1970’s of which roughly 17 Trillion U.S dollars sits on the U.S balanced sheet as national debt that the country has no means of paying off because it is already bankrupt.

The U.S Fed has printed so much money, that now investors around the world do not want to buy the U.S Treasuries as it is an unsound investment. Do you want to buy bonds from a country that is printing so much money and debasing their currency? Sooner, or later this money printing will catch up to the U.S dollar and the value of the dollar will collapse, this is the basic laws of supply and demand. The more the supply (flooding the world with U.S dollars) the less value for the item…in this case the U.S dollars.

The smart money is putting their money into tangible or not tangible stores of value. Let me clarify, tangible stores of value are gold and silver and despite the recent price decline, you need to ask yourself why are central banks all over the world accumulating vast amounts of gold at the lower price?

Answer: In 5-10 years quite a few currencies will collapse, and gold/silver over 6000 years of human history has been there to be a form of exchange. Other countries are preparing.

Intangible, would be something like BitCoin or other Crypto Coins/Currencies. Now, you have to choose a crypto currency that has a maximum and limited supply. There are some crypto currency like PPCoin does not have a maximum cap as per their statement on their website – “Unlike bitcoin, ppcoin does not have a fixed money supply cap. ”

I will be very wary of any crypto currency/coin that does not have a limited supply and that is it gives the creators the ability to create more and more at their whim….does this sound familiar? Yes, if the creators or corporations can create more out of thin air, then the creators are acting like Ben Bernake and the current FIAT money system Central Banks. The current system of printing more money is not working, it debases the currency, it creates inflation, it creates money to give to Wall Street and corrupted politicians..why would you want a crypto currency/coin to be based on todays central banking model, one model that society is trying to get away from.

The second most popular crypto currency right now is LiteCoin which has a maximum number of coins (84 million). With 84 million coins it can support a much larger economy. Most of these crypto currency/coin has a decentralized form of verifying the ledger, so that fraud is less likely to happen. We all know right now that fraud is going on at high levels of governments to create money and manipulate markets…just go to there are lots of legit stories there to entertain you about how honest governments are (sarcasm).

This makes crypto currencies/coins something to look at and considered because the balances of wallets cannot be manipulated, because the built-in algorithm will not allow manipulation.

Before you dive into BitCoin, LiteCoin or any other crypto currency/coin you should research this for weeks (very thoroughly) before you put any money into it. If everything checks out and meets your criteria of safety, then move forward.

Personally, I haven’t bought any BitCoins or LiteCoins…I am only mining BitCoins and LiteCoins (creating coins by using my computer to help keep ledger up to date) and at this point in time, I do not trust the BitCoin Exchanges (trading platforms) as the U.S government is trying desperately to squash BitCoin because it is an alternative the the U.S toilet paper….oops I mean the U.S dollar and they are raiding the BitCoin Exchanges.

Any, do your own research if all this crypto currency stuff sounds interesting to you, the world is on shaking grounds and the next decade is not going to be all fun and games from a economic and geopolitical angle.

Written by: Das Brain

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