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The blogger for MoneyAccumulator.com is Das Brain
Just like everyone else in the world, Das Brain is a multi-faceted person. He is a full-time stock and options trader, internet entrepreneur, outdoor lover, motorcycle junky and a family man.

His experience includes IT positions in financial, software and internet companies, and from working at those positions he has gained stock and options trading expertise as well as internet business knowledge.

Das Brain is very concerned about “Personal Identity Theft”, so therefore in this blog he will never use his real name or give too much information away about himself.

However, what he will share is his knowledge and experience regarding his trial and error experiences with personal finance, stock, options trading as well as ways of making money from the internet such as adsense, affiliate marketing, domain monetization and designing websites.

Today Das Brain, does extensive travelling around the world as a globetrotting technical engineer, so he will be sharing some of his travel expertise and knowledge as well. 

Like the saying goes “You learn something new everyday”, so come back frequently and see what new experience Das Brain has to share with the world.

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