How To Read This Blog

If you haven’t read a blog before, here is a short guide line.

Most people like to read blogs to learn and get insight from another person. There is a human element, a connection if you will with the bloggers own experiences. Readers can learn from writers real life experiences and use it or discard it as they please based on their own beliefs.

Generally, when you land on the blogs main page you will usually see a list of the most recent posts (articles). If you read a few of these posts and liked what you read, then I suggest to fully understand the blogger that you start from the beginning.

Start by going through the monthly archives. If the inception of the blog was January 2006, then click on that month and year under the archive section to start reading posts from there. You will then of course work your way forward to the current month and year.

I have done this with a few of my favourite blogs, and gained a lot of insight from other bloggers.

I hope you do this with my blog, enjoy! Don’t forget to bookmark or link to this blog as well.