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Toyota Tells U.S. Plants ‘Prepare to Shut Down’ – Japan Crisis World Economy Effects

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
Toyota manufacturing plant

Toyota is telling certain plants in the world like factories in the United States, Canada and Mexico to prepare to temporarily shut down due to parts shortage. This of course will have an effect on those countries economies as workers will make less money and less products will be sold by Toyota in those countries etc. etc. The ripple effects can make a small dent to the U.S already weak economy.

If You Buy A $284,000 CAD Lamborghini Gallardo You Expect It To Run, If Not Destroy It

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Unreliable Lamborghini Gallardo destroyed in Qingdao china by millionaire
Here’s a funny incident in China, where a millionaire purchased a Lamborghini Gallardo and after a short while the engine cut out and would not run. He then had the Lamborghini Gallardo towed to the dealership and while towing it…the dealership damaged the body as well.

Next the dealership garage try to fix the engine problem but cool not and after complaining to the dealership manager about the body damage from the towing, the dealership refuse to be responsible for it.

Indian Car TATA Nano Defect Results In Car Combusting On Fire

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Tata Nano - piece of shit car blows up on fire

Reports have been making waves in India about a life threatening problem with the Tata Nano car. Apparently the entry-level car will burst into flames while being driven.  There has been reports that a Tata Nano combust into fire on the streets of Mumbai.

Other problems about the Nanos have recently come to light as well such as smoke emerging from the car’s steering column, wheel bearings that spike in temperature, and general overheating.

Who Killed The Electric Car – Documentary

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

ev1 or impact electric car - who killed it?If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, you should.  Apparently, there was a viable electric car created by General Motors back in the 1990’s that was possible of travelling 120km a day. Called the EV1 or Impact. Well, watch the documentary and see for yourself what happened.

Click on link below to watch the documentary.



Motorcycle Racing Legend – Valentino Rossi – Moto GP

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

by Das Brain 

Valentino Rossi profile pictureThis post is for any motorcycle racing fans that read my blog. If you are not interested in motorcycling who knows you may learn something or you could kill some time by watching this documentary on Valentino Rossi.

For hard core motorcycle racing or Moto GP fans, Valentino Rossi is a legend.  Valentino Rossi is an extremely talented young motorcycle racer that started his racing career at a young age with the help of his father.

Vehicle Of Choice – Hybrid Car and Superbike

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

by Das Brain

If money was no object what would be your vehicle of choice?

Most people I know will most likely go for a Super sports car like a McLaren F1 or something of that nature, but I would rather much have something that is lighter on the gasoline. The McLaren F1 gives you 6 to 7 miles per gallon as stated in a car show that I watched yesterday. That’s insane, but the car is also insanely fast with 667 hp. The McLaren F1 also cost a cool million dollars, its basically a Formula 1 race car with a body on it, made for the streets, but very impractical for the streets as the car show pointed out.