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Cycle of Brutal Abuse of 1,400 Children by Pakistani Gangs in Rotherham Strains U.K. Race Relations

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

This is a crazy story of what is happening to innocent white children in Rotherdam, UK being targeted by Pakistani gangs for sexual exploitation. Read the story.

I have friends in Vancouver, Canada and they say that South Asians (Pakistani, Indian) gangs have been doing similar things, including courting white young girls and turning them in to prostitutes / pimping them out.

It is absolutely disgusting.

The Big Squeeze In The U.K- BBC Documentary

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

More people in the United Kingdom are having financial difficulties more than ever, things are really bad…people have loss their jobs and new jobs are scarce.

People in the U.K have really high debt and living expenses are high as well. They are feeling squeezed more than ever.

The U.K government earlier on imposed austerity (cut back on spending) and the economy went into recession, now the U.K government is trying to print money to help boost the economy, but this move will increase the government debt.